A known fact that a youth moved is a revolution in the making, it is exemplified by a certain section of the youth that is moved enough to rid Lucknow of the various ills it ails from. Their effort is known as Kyunki Shahar Hai Aapka, and it is as much a reminder to the people of Lucknow as it is to them, that the care and welfare of Lucknow is not merely a bureaucratic affair but the responsibility of each and every individual. Kyunki Shahar Hai Aapka is an initiative by The LUCKNOW Society in which common youngsters join forces to achieve something worthwhile. Mostly comprising of students, freshmen and young professionals, they take out a little time from their schedule to serve a noble cause.

About Us
We are a bunch of people who happen to be concerned for cleanliness who decided to take some action rather than just talk about it.

Who are we?
On Sundays, when the youth of the city is busy making plans for the entire day, how to spend, where to go, whom to meet, there are a group of people who work towards making their neighbourhood cleaner and spread awareness amongst people, a group of volunteers of the initiative “Kyunki Shahar Hai Aapka”.

How we Clean
-Cleanliness drives are conducted every Sunday morning.
-A bunch of volunteers pick a dirty patch and clean it through required processes.
-All the members are given a prior notice of the clean venue and necessary instructions via Facebook Page/Group and WhatsApp

Vision and Mission
The mission of this initiative is to spread awareness about cleanliness of their city, to stop writing on walls and pasting posters wherever possible. This initiative had its first ground activity on 22 March 2015 at Mithai Wala Chauraha Gomti Nagar. The very first activity saw the active participation of members of the society volunteering for it. The change in the area was very much visible. The activity does not cover the cleaning of the area as a whole but the pillars and the walls that have posters stuck to them illegally. These posters are not only illegal but also make the area look untidy and unclean. Not only were the posters taken off but the walls were painted and the posters taken off were dumped properly making the place look attractive to every passer-by. The initiative is not only confined to cleaning the walls but the main purpose of the initiative is to spread awareness amongst the common people as to what this city can be. Members of the society who have volunteered for the initiative have taken the initiative to various parts of the city.

Not only the volunteers but the activity also attracted the passer by who stopped to have a glimpse of what was happening around. The activity with every turn has seen the increase in the number of people volunteering for it.