Activity # 09

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Location : Hazratganj

Dated: 16th May 2015



“There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity…and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

Well Einstein was really a wise man to have brought such characters to surface. And while the minds curious to know about the universe took off in space, the specimen of infinite human stupidity took off into Lucknow’s streets to cover them with posters.

A week ago, we cleaned Hazratganj (as much as we could). But these protectors of Einstein’s infinite stupidity theory put new posters right back there, as if it belongs there.
People! How hard can it be to understand this? You stick posters. You didn’t see your posters. Why?
Because somebody pulled them out and doesn’t want it there.

It took us hours of hard work. We want this city clean…not wrapped up in random faces and numbers and symbols! It’s a part of your civic duties. Your Government wants you to do this. Technically we’re doing their work while they’re ruining ours.

Had Einstein lived a few more years, he would have added another infinity to his book- human will.

Just like their stupidity these people can post infinite pulp on our walls and they’ll always
find us scrubbing and washing. ….. Everywhere…… Every time.